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The Bungy Company was founded by New Zealander Jonni Morrison–Deaker. Jonni, a pioneer and 22 year veteran of the bungy industry, has jumped from and operated sites around the world. Jonni’s vision for The Bungy Company is to bring Bungy jumping to newer, more adrenalin packed levels offering signature jumps that can only found at The Bungy Company, such as the Moto Madness scooter jump and the Fire Ball jump. The Bungy Company is continuously developing new products to remain the most exciting adventure brand on the globe.

Fire! Fire! Fire! Nowhere else in the world can you do this one!
Clad in a leather suit, we will spark you up and off you’ll go!
Two regular jumps with deep water, preparing you for your third and final jump, where you are lit on fire before jumping off!

Special Fire Ball Rate
Rate : US$ 220.00
Includes a free bungy T-shirt edition, certificate, lifetime membership cardClick to Book

We call it regular, but there is nothing normal about this classic bungy jump. Bound by your ankles, try the big swan dive out, arm spread and eyes wide open.Great for water touches forwards, or try it backwards for a total heart-in-mouth experience!!!
Remember : hands up, look at the horizon, feel those trembling knees….lean out…then juuuuuump!!!!

Special Regular Jump Rate
Rate : US$ 110.00
Includes a free bungy T-shirt edition, certificate, lifetime membership card & optional water touchClick to Book

The perfect way to consummate a relationship and awesome for those who like a bit of support from a loved one. As with the regular, this can be your first jump. You are both strapped in snugly and connected by the ankles……..sooooo soooo nice!!

Special Tandem Jump Rate
Rate : US$ 210.00
Included 2 people  jumping once together, 2 Bungy T-shirts edition, Certificates, Lifetime membership cards, and we always keep this jump dry.Click to Book

Strapped in for speed with the full body harness, run hard and launch over the edge. Go even larger with the attachment from the back to try the spider, or go feet first for the elevator drop you will never forget!!!!

Special Harness Jump Rate
Rate : US$ 145.00
Includes 2 jumps, regular jump and one in the harness, plus bungy T-shirt edition, certificate, lifetime membership card.Click to Book

Push yourself to the limit; Some say this is the most hardcore jump available. You want even notice the full body harness or helmet, just fly off the kicker ramp, flip, rotate and SCREAM??????

Special BMX Jum Rate
Rate : US$ 180.00
Get you 3 jumps : Regular jump, harness and BMX-TREME, Includes bungy T-shirt edition, certificate, lifetime membership card and a great storyClick to Book

Exclusive to Bali, this once in a lifetime jump will blow your mind!! Rev the bike hard, fly off the ramp and face the ultimate bungy experience available.

Special Moto Jump Rate
Rate : US$ 270.00
4 bungy jumps : Regular Jump, Body Harness Jump, BMX and the MOTO ).
Also comes with bungy T-shirt edition, certificate, membership card and total bragging rights for ever.Click to Book


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